Dream Daddy Notepads


Each notepad comes with 2 random icon stickers
This notepad is also included as an option for the stationary set deal (notepad + washi tape + postcard sketch)

Being a dad is hard - did you forget to buy groceries again? Was it your turn to vacuum this week? When did the neighbor's dog start eating dinner with us?

That's why Dream Daddy notepads are here to help you remember daily chores, so you can focus on the important things in life (like hunting for cryptids or finally settling that life long dad pride battle)

✉ 4'' x 6'' inches (~10cm x 15cm)
✉ image is printed on every page
✉ 25 pages + back cover
✉ tear-away style notepad
✉ 60lb pages prevents bleeds and transfers
✉ doodle and drawing friendly