[Special] 1 Notepad + Tape + Gift

12.50 USD

All sets will come with a free postcard doodle of any one (1) character that's on the tape or notepad

A stationary set of 1 notepad and 1 roll of washi tape, both of your choice. 


Please check whether or not both items (washi tape and notepad) are both in stock. You can do this by going to the specific product page for each product you want to order. This is to prevent orders still placed when one or more items are sold out. 

Please let me know which combination of notepads and washi tapes you would like. During checkout, there will be a space provided for a note to seller when you enter your shipping address. Make sure to include both your items, as well as any character you would like a doodle of that's from either the washi tape or the notepad.